New Zealand Itinerary Planning

Travel Itinerary Creation

The interactive New Zealand travel planner allows you to create your own customized itinerary for traveling in New Zealand according to your own preferences and budget. The travel guide is designed as a complete travel planning solution based entirely on YOUR own terms to organize a New Zealand vacation or holiday. Click a region of New Zealand below to select activities, events and overnight campervan locations for creating a customized New Zealand travel itinerary.

Travel Tips and Resources

Useful tips for traveling in New Zealand as well as resources for planning your travel to and within the country are available throughout the itinerary creation process. An optimized itinerary is presented with a 3D visualization, an interactive map and satellite view of the route along with detailed driving instructions, budgeting tool including currency conversion and booking options. With complete freedom of choice for your New Zealand travel itinerary, you can quickly and easily find the best prices and make immediate reservations free of travel agent costs.

Discover New Zealand Regions

Simple and Flexible Travel Planning

New Zealand Your Way is designed to make New Zealand travel planning as simple as possible by providing flexible options for accommodation, vacation activities and transport including international flights and local options. Our complete independence from tourism operators allow us to find and offer an unbiased choice of travel options to suit individual travel requirements, desires and of course budget. The automatic itinerary creation finds the optimal route and destination sequence to do more and travel less on your New Zealand visit. Personalized itineraries can be easily refined and best prices can be identified with fast and convenient reservation of accommodation and transport including flights, rental cars and campervans. Our primary purpose is to provide a complete, simple and efficient itinerary planning solution for traveling in New Zealand.