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"Skating" in New Zealand


    Region: Taupo 40.2 KM Taupo
Be prepared for a cool but not cold ice skating experience. The Ice Skate Tour travels around New Zealand with state of the art, artificial ice rinks. They look like ice and have 97 percent same gliding capacity as natural ice. Surrounded by an ...
Start Date:    End Date:    Venue: Tongariro School, Turangi, Lake Taupo   Distance: 40.2 KM from Taupo
    Region: Northland 9.3 KM Whangarei
Come along for family-friendly exercise! No matter what your age you can have fun. We have skates in all sizes to hire if you need them, and a friendly atmosphere, so don't be shy. Safety gear (pads and helmets) are provided free of charge. Hope ...
Start Date:    End Date:    Venue: Portland Recreation Centre, Whangarei   Distance: 9.3 KM from Whangarei
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