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Your Customized New Zealand Travel Itinerary

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Creating an itinerary on this site is the easiest way to plan your trip in New Zealand entirely. Say goodbye to travel agent fees! Our itinerary builder automatically calculates the shortest journey for you and gives you a variety of transport options. This saves you valuable time, allowing you to do more and travel less. Furthermore, when your itinerary is created, you are presented with a unique budgeting tool to allocate local costs and convert your total budget into the currency of your choice. You can even save your itinerary and come back later to update or change it.

To create an itinerary, simply click the "Add to itinerary" buttons next to each activity or event.
To remove an item from your itinerary, simply click the button again to remove. Then, voila! - you have your very own customized itinerary for traveling in New Zealand.